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Cheating Photo Albums

The following are just links to my Facebook albums because I've become exceedingly lazy about doing anything else with my digital photos. They are divided into dynamic (updated periodically) and static (fixed for all eternity) in reverse-chronological order.

Dynamic Albums that get updated occasionally: Static Albums that are fixed in time:

Half Marathons

Half-Marathon-2013-O-Rama: have I found a replacement for soccer? Likely not, but I do enjoy the races!

Rock 'n' Roll Pasadena Half Marathon

17 February 2013: my first half marathon, guided along by my sister Karen to a 02:06:42 finishing time. I was 1697/4964 overall, 564/2720 of women, and 112/512 in my (age-gender) division.

Women's Half Marathon San Diego

24 February 2013: my second half marathon, finished in 01:43:20, and it hurt; check the heart rate profile. I was 51/1699 overall, 46/1664 by gender, and 11/238 in my division.

Into the Wild OC Trail Run 21k

23 March 2013, Irvine, CA: my first trail half marathon. Could they please have been more descriptive than "Elevation gain: 2800ft." Crikey! Anyway, at a finishing time 02:19:59, I still managed to be 40/120 overall, 12/49 by gender, and 4/20 by division.

Foxy Trail Half Marathon

28 April 2013, San Diego, CA: my second trail half marathon, much, much easier than the OC Trail Run. I finished in 1:57:59, to make me 79/291 overall and 7/48 for females 30 to 39.

Safari Park Half Marathon

5 May 2013, San Diego, CA: This was a super fun run! Not as much in the park as I would have liked but a fun day. (And surprisingly, it really helped to force myself to walk around for a few hours after finishing.) Ok, a couple of minutes later than I wanted but finished in 01:52:11.2, as 259/2331 overall, 59/1405 by gender, and 14/252 by division.

Marine Corps Historic Half

19 May 2013, Fredericksburg, VA: Who needs a start gun when you have a start cannon?! I felt very honored to be running around with so many Marines handing me water, gatorade, and energy beans and generally being awesome fans. My personal result: 01:52:40, which means I was 946/6,284 overall, 201/3,082 by gender, and 38/542 by division (F 30−34 year olds).

Billy Goat's 1/2 Marathon Hill Climb

22 June 2013, Corona, CA: My will power wasn't with me but it was an awesome course. Unofficial time, 1:25:10 up 2,400 ft in 6.5 mi and 56:14 down the same way for a total of 02:21:24.8. Official time was 02:21:48, making me 26/64 overall and 5/26 by gender.

Costume Party Hilarious Half Marathon

7 July 2013, San Diego, CA: Still having some will power or something problem. I hit The Wall around mile 8; up until then I was on track to best my personal record (Women's Half San Diego from February). But I looked awesome (in a legit costume, handmade when I was around 16 years old!) I finished in 01:51:09.6, making me 128/1810 overall, 27/1183 of females, and 8/215 by division. (Clearly not a competitive field.)

Jet to Jetty 10K

24 August 2013, Playa del Rey, CA: Ok, clearly not a half marathon (not by half!) But I won my division (F30−32) with my 44:02 time and was third of the approximately 119 women (also 35/257 overall). It was a pretty run, and it's a fun distance.

Catalina Island Conservancy Half Marathon

28 September 2013, Avalon, CA: My ninth and final half marathon of 2013; there's no October run I can fit in in SoCal and no later runs on the Big Island of Hawai'i. This was a great run! I had a good time camping, hiking, and kayaking with my sister. I felt great, no issue at mile 10 like so many previous races. It was a tough course. I finished in 02:16:32 to be 25/222 overall, 8/118 of women, and 1/18 in females 30−34 division (though the 3rd female overall winner was in my division and she beat me by almost 10 minutes, so she should have a third medal. She deserves it!) By the way, since I had had a Facebook discussion of competing in the Athena (women over 150 pounds) division: there were seven women who competed, and I would have won that division by almost 13 minutes. (Clearly, my Garmin GPS watch failed on the track...)

Volcano Rain Forest Half Marathon 2014

16 August, Volcano Village, HI: First Hawai`i race, and it just happened to come after a 3-day observing run at the summit of Mauna Kea (14,000'). I'll ignore my under-training and focus on that as the cause for my un-inspired finish. But finish I did, in 02:01:28, making #13: 69 of 234 overall, 31 of 128 of females, and 9 of 40 of F 30−39 yrs.

Volcano Rain Forest Half Marathon 2015

22 August, Volcano Village, HI: My plan is to run the Volcano Half every year because it comes at the end of the summer, when I can train. Thus, I'll enter the academic year in reasonable shape... so I can decline throughout. I was more undertrained this year (got some tendonitis in my Achilles) but I did better: 1:56:03; 55/277 overall, 20/155 females, 9/45 F30-39.

Photo Albums

Digital Movies

On Facebook: This system is a bit crude but it was a start:

Brief History of My Photography

I bought my first camera (Kodak Advantix F620) right before I went to Chile for the the CTIO REU, because I had been told that it's worth it to have a good camera for such once-in-a-lifetime adventures. This was around January 2001. I used 16 rolls of film in those 3 months.

I had that first Advantix camera through my stint in Switzerland for the CERN REU around June 2002. I was in Switzerland for 2 months, and I used 13 rolls of film. Between Chile and Switzerland, I bought a scanner in addition to making really nice Hallmark scrapbooks.

Then my first camera broke. :( Something about the insides rusting...

I bought another Kodak Advantix (T700) circa November 2002; this one was waterproof. This is the camera that went with me to Korea for a post-baccalaureate month of traveling with my mother and sister. I used 12 rolls of film. I continued to use this camera until the fall of 2004, and it took beautiful pictures of my first time in Maui and the wonders of Santa Cruz. Then it broke. :(

It broke in much the same manner that my last Kodak Advantix camera broke. :|

I called the company and complained violently that my second Advantix camera broke in the exact same unexpected manner as my previous one. They "kindly" sent me a new camera, after receiving the broken one, though my warranty had expired. They said they valued me as a customer, that the Advantix line was being discontinued, and this malfunction had been reported by others. Hmmm...

I appreciate their valuing me as a customer but I'd more appreciate honesty.

I received a Canon Elph S410 for Christmas 2004. I passed my replacement Advantix camera on to my friend, whom I owed a camera. Now I'm happily in the digital world. (Update: For earning my PhD on 4 August 2009, I was given a Canon PowerShot SD970 IS, which is another Elph. The first Elph wasn't dead but I did crack it open and put a piece of metal in to make the shutter button connect with the circuit. I love the new Elph.)

What this means (I did have a point) is that all photos taken prior to January 1, 2005, are scanned (so not that great though the prints are beautiful). My second point would be that I wasted a lot of money... two Advantix cameras for ~$150 total + about 50 rolls of film at $2 per roll and $6 for developing + $100 for the scanner = ~$650. Boy, could I have bought a nice camera with that! Of course, with my prints I made excellent scrapbooks for Chile, Switzerland, and Korea. It's a trade-off, I suppose.